Senior researchers

Sylvie Graf

• effects of positive and negative intergroup contact on prejudice
• secondary transfer effect of intergroup contact with minorities
• social cognition in intergroup context
• accuracy of group stereotypes
• the role of linguistic labels for category membership in intergroup context

Martina Hřebíčková

• personality psychology, Five-Factor Model, psychodiagnostics
• cross-cultural perspectives on personality
• personality judgment, social cognition, stereotypes
• acculturation


PhD students

Petra Chvojková

• psychological aspects of acculturation
• acculturation of the second generation of Vietnamese into Czech society
• role of personality and bicultural identity in process of acculturation of minorities
• ethnic identity, bicultural identity

Pavla Linhartová

• effects of direct and indirect forms of intergroup contact on prejudice
• effects of media and language abstractness on prejudice
• psychology of interindividual differences
• statistics and psychometrics
• neuroscience, impulsivity

Stanislava Kováčová

• role of social norms in intergroup context
• conformity, social influence
• effect of social norms on electricity consumption

Mirjana Rupar

• intergroup contact in postconflict societies
• socio-psychological processes of intergroup reconciliation
• effectiveness of atrocity reminders in reconciliation process
• role of emotions in accepting responsibility and intergroup forgiveness

Tibor Žingora

• mechanism of primary and secondary effects of intergroup contact
• role of intergroup threat in intergroup relations
• stereotypes in majority-minority relations
• reduction of prejudice against minorities


MA students

Petra Dvořáková

• intergroup contact theory in context of integrated education
• role of empathy in intergroup contact
• secondary transfer effect of intergroup contact with people with health problems on attitudes towards different social minorities

Barbora Hubená

• cultural shock, acculturation
• role of personality and cultural values in acculturation
• stereotypes in majority-minority relations
• development and assessment of intercultural competence